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Redesign of the Lubbock Map Website

13 Feb, 2015

The company I worked for wanted to redsign their website.


WP Helper Master

16 Feb, 2015

Simple plugin for Word Press administraion


Copyright Code in Jekyll

12 Feb, 2016

How to add a copyright statment in your Jekyll sites.


Netlify hosting and redirects

07 Jan, 2023

Did you know that Netlify allows for you to have a configuration file to tell it how to deploy your project?


Securing Jekyll with SSL locally

11 Jan, 2023

Jekyll is a great static site generator for many reasons, but lets encrypt that traffic!


Website redesign with 11ty!

25 Jan, 2023

I have rewritten my website to utilize 11ty, and it was a lot of fun


Adding a basic search to a static site

30 Jan, 2023

A simple solution to having a search feature on a static website


11ty, nunjucks, tag counts

31 Jan, 2023

Using nunjucks to get the count of the posts for a tag.


Creating a static site using Python and Flask

05 Feb, 2023

Using Flask as a static site generator for a simple website


Using Cloudflare Workers to Get Visitor Information

26 Feb, 2023

How to setup a Cloudflare worker to get certain information about the users connection


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