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Python Virtual Environments

29 Oct, 2019

Understanding Python virtual environments and how to use them.


Python Random Password

28 Apr, 2020

Creating a password generator with Python the simple way


Python: Alphabet Game

04 Dec, 2020

This is a console based game I made to help children learn their alphabet and typing.



31 Dec, 2020

Wakey is a Python program to help keep a computer screen active by pressing a virtual key on a timer. It keeps the computer awake by simulating a F15 keyboard press and release.


How to check for Jellyfin updates

23 Dec, 2022

As with many software there are updates to them. Jellyfin seems to not have a great way to check for updates and install automatically. However, you can use the built-in API to help with that."


Creating a static site using Python and Flask

05 Feb, 2023

Using Flask as a static site generator for a simple website


Port Checking in Python

10 Feb, 2023

Using Python and Sockets to check for port connections on local and remotes hosts


Extracting Files with Progress

12 Feb, 2023

Working with zip files in Python to show a progress bar while it is doing the extraction.


Ubuntu's change with Python support

02 May, 2023

Discussing Python package manager PIP and recent changes Ubuntu has taken


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