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Powershell GUI with WPF

29 May, 2023

Sample way to make a GUI with Powershell and Visual Studio for Windows WPF applications


Ubuntu's change with Python support

02 May, 2023

Discussing Python package manager PIP and recent changes Ubuntu has taken


Bookmarks in PowerShell

20 Apr, 2023

Setting bookmark locations within the PowerShell console and quickly move into them


Console Speech API, Part 2

19 Apr, 2023

Continuation of the Console Speech with a simple game.


Console Speech API and Beeps

14 Apr, 2023

How to make your computer talk with you using the .NET Speech assembly.


Spring Cleaning

01 Apr, 2023

It's time to spruce up your digital life and weed out those old and oversized files


Getting Into Cron Jobs

29 Mar, 2023

A quick overview of Cron Jobs to get started and how to manage the tasks


Intro to Pickleball

26 Mar, 2023

Initial thoughts on playing Pickleball for the first time


Using the Codeberg CI

11 Mar, 2023

Using Codeberg CI to build 11ty based static sites to push to Codeberg Pages


How I Missed Gaming

02 Mar, 2023

I've gotten back into a few video games and I have missed video games and wanted to write about it


Using Cloudflare Workers to Get Visitor Information

26 Feb, 2023

How to setup a Cloudflare worker to get certain information about the users connection


Select-Object with PowerShell

25 Feb, 2023

A quick glance at a small over-looked tool PowerShell has available to us


Command Line vs GUI Windows programs

18 Feb, 2023

A quick review of some command line apps versus a windowed applications


Plop in Automation

12 Feb, 2023

How I use npm to automate the inner workings of my website and within other projects


Extracting Files with Progress

12 Feb, 2023

Working with zip files in Python to show a progress bar while it is doing the extraction.


Port Checking in Python

10 Feb, 2023

Using Python and Sockets to check for port connections on local and remotes hosts


Creating a static site using Python and Flask

05 Feb, 2023

Using Flask as a static site generator for a simple website


Going Headless

03 Feb, 2023

Using headless displays to make servers work and remote connections easier.


Nextcloud Docker Compose

01 Feb, 2023

I did things the hard way, and how I saved my Nextcloud data and began using docker


11ty, nunjucks, tag counts

31 Jan, 2023

Using nunjucks to get the count of the posts for a tag.


Adding a basic search to a static site

30 Jan, 2023

A simple solution to having a search feature on a static website


Getting started with docker and Minetest

29 Jan, 2023

setting up the open source Minecraft alternative, Minetest, with docker.


GitHub profile with actions

27 Jan, 2023

GitHub has a few hidden features for a user profile repository and how to add some GitHub Actions to them


Website redesign with 11ty!

25 Jan, 2023

I have rewritten my website to utilize 11ty, and it was a lot of fun


Quick tips on Linux aliases

18 Jan, 2023

Working in the terminal there are great commands you can use, but what about the long ones or frequently used commands; how can you save those for repetitive tasks?


How to start coding

16 Jan, 2023

In todays era knowing some form of programming logic can take you to great places. But where to start, or how to start?


Securing Jekyll with SSL locally

11 Jan, 2023

Jekyll is a great static site generator for many reasons, but lets encrypt that traffic!


Got Git?

10 Jan, 2023

Git is a great way to keep track of programming changes. However, some of the commands can get overwhelming and just need a simple way to get changes synced with a remote repository.


Netlify hosting and redirects

07 Jan, 2023

Did you know that Netlify allows for you to have a configuration file to tell it how to deploy your project?


Working with Tags in Jekyll

02 Jan, 2023

Jekyll has some powerful uses now with categories, tags, post, pages. I found a unique way to create a page just for one post."


New Year's Resolution for 2023

28 Dec, 2022

What to expect with the New Year upon us? More posts!


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