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How I Code

09 Mar, 2015

Everyone has a way to structure the project, here's mine.


Copyright Code in PHP

10 Mar, 2015

How to add a copyright statment on your PHP pages.


HTML Codes

12 Mar, 2015

A sampling of the HTML codes and how to add them to you HTML sites.


Copyright Code in Jekyll

12 Feb, 2016

How to add a copyright statment in your Jekyll sites.



18 Aug, 2016

Getting started with Electron: what, how and why.


UAC Control

01 Jul, 2018

I started a few projects with C# and remade an application to control your UAC.


You got admin?

30 Aug, 2019

How do you tell if you are running a script as an administrator? You can check that before continuing.


Python Virtual Environments

29 Oct, 2019

Understanding Python virtual environments and how to use them.


Installing Jekyll the easy way

05 May, 2022

Speeding up the way I install Jekyll when on a new system.


How to get the Process a Port is Bound to

10 Aug, 2022

Have you ever needed to query a machine for a port but not sure what process is using that port? Here is a simple way to find that information out.


How to start coding

16 Jan, 2023

In todays era knowing some form of programming logic can take you to great places. But where to start, or how to start?


Command Line vs GUI Windows programs

18 Feb, 2023

A quick review of some command line apps versus a windowed applications


Select-Object with PowerShell

25 Feb, 2023

A quick glance at a small over-looked tool PowerShell has available to us


Using the Codeberg CI

11 Mar, 2023

Using Codeberg CI to build 11ty based static sites to push to Codeberg Pages


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