Projects I have created

Project Description
SQLBuilder Simple SQL Attach Script Generator
net-check NodeJS & Electron application to check the status of remote ports if a connection can be made
Wakey Simple Python app to keep a computer awake
netutil Python module to check the staus of ports for local and remote connections
MoneyCounter Simple VueJS app to count your change and bills
Deployment HQ Internal project at work to help assist the deployment engineers with daily tasks

Projects I have contributed to

Project Description Raivo OTP, Simply the best authenticator A command-line installer for Windows Open-source tool to enforce privacy & security best-practices on Windows
PyDebloatX Python GUI for uninstalling the default Windows 10 apps.
electron-vue-boilerplate Simple boilerplate for building Vue app with Electron and Webpack.

Websites I maintain

  • Kidsfishlubbock - Local yearly event to bring awareness of outdoor activities and fun to children.
  • Useful Scripting Network - A website geared to showing examples of various programming skills to others.
  • AlbionUO - Self hosted game based on Microsoft .NET/C# and maintaining website documentation while playing with the game and customizations.