This is a short post on how I am trying CloudCannon to manage posts on my website. So far it seems to be working quite well.

I can add some editable regions to my permanent pages so I can...

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New Beginnings

Since I have started my new job at Texas Tech University’s IT Help Central, things have just taken off. I have started working on Classroom Technology Services’ General Purpose Classroom computers and AV equipment. I have mentioned before of...

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The New Job

A lot has changed is the last few months. I started working for the University that I graduated from in their Information Technology division. The section I am working for is Classroom Technology Service. We maintain 44 General Purpose Classrooms.

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HTML Codes

HTML Codes is a responsive search service for anyone who is looking for the special character codes for symbols.

I wrote this in just a few hours after gathering all the specialty codes. I was interested in learning more...

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Copyright Code in PHP

When making websites many want a copyright year date in their footer. I wrote a simple PHP copyright function that simply gets the year and then calculates if the year given is the current year or not.

If the year...

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