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New Year's Resolution for 2023

28 Dec, 2022

What to expect with the New Year upon us? More posts!


How to check for Jellyfin updates

23 Dec, 2022

As with many software there are updates to them. Jellyfin seems to not have a great way to check for updates and install automatically. However, you can use the built-in API to help with that."


How to get the Process a Port is Bound to

10 Aug, 2022

Have you ever needed to query a machine for a port but not sure what process is using that port? Here is a simple way to find that information out.


dbatools and PowerShell

13 Jul, 2022

How using dbatools has speed up my SQL processing with PowerShell.


Installing Jekyll the easy way

05 May, 2022

Speeding up the way I install Jekyll when on a new system.


File Dialog With PowerShell

24 Sep, 2021

A simple way to show how to use FileDialog class with .NET in PowerShell