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Getting Into Cron Jobs

29 Mar, 2023

A quick overview of Cron Jobs to get started and how to manage the tasks


Intro to Pickleball

26 Mar, 2023

Initial thoughts on playing Pickleball for the first time


Using the Codeberg CI

11 Mar, 2023

Using Codeberg CI to build 11ty based static sites to push to Codeberg Pages


How I Missed Gaming

02 Mar, 2023

I've gotten back into a few video games and I have missed video games and wanted to write about it


Using Cloudflare Workers to Get Visitor Information

26 Feb, 2023

How to setup a Cloudflare worker to get certain information about the users connection


Select-Object with PowerShell

25 Feb, 2023

A quick glance at a small over-looked tool PowerShell has available to us


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