The New Job

01 Jul, 2015

A lot has changed is the last few months. I started working for the University that I graduated from in their Information Technology division. The section I am working for is Classroom Technology Service. We maintain 44 General Purpose Classrooms.

I have learned new ways to build computers and systems. I have not lost my ways on programming just yet! Spending time learning how SharePoint works and designing a new web interface for the site is only the beginning of what I started working on.

Here at CTS I have created a GUI style utility that has all of our most used items in one program. I didn't stop there, I created it so that no matter where the program was run it would find the correct files to run afterwards. Creating programs is fun but automating tasks is even more fun. I created a program that will run Internet Explorer and then login into the website, make the screen full screen, and have no problems afterwards.

I am planning on creating an exe program for my reset printer utility. Now that I am more familiar with the coding and functions, I believe this will be very easy.

I cannot wait to see what else I can do in the future.



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