Intro to Pickleball

26 Mar, 2023

This weekend I got the chance to play Pickleball. It was a fun game with a unique twist of some other common games too. Playing it was like tennis, racquet ball, and ping pong all had a brain child and out came Pickleball.

The rule sheet I read also had the history of the game, and I was impressed to learn the game started back in the 1970s by two neighbors in their backyard. You can tell that some of the terminology backs this up. You have to stay out of the Kitchen, and certain other moves or returns of the ball are called and Ernie.

Scoring the game was a bit confusing at first, but the more you played the easier it got. At my job we have a ping ping table and there's a group of us that constantly play and keep a running tournament going. So playing Pickleball was kinda like human sized ping pong.

Overall it was a unique experience and want to play some more. If you've played any racquet games before picking up Pickleball will be pretty easy.

This sport has been gaining more popularity in recent years and I can see why. It's not a hard game to setup, can almost play anywhere, and has a low cost of entry to get started.

Check it out too:

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@cjerrington I started to play another racket game: Padel. A mix of tennis and squash ... really fun too.

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