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09 Mar, 2015

There are a lot of things that make a coder and programmer who they are. When I started coding small projects I soon realized I needed to stay organized.

When I start a project I always set up an includes, images, and scripts folder. When writing mostly PHP web applications and websites this comes in handy. All the main pages go in the root and the header, footer, and config files if needed go in the includes folder.

The navigation is always a section I have to include separately. Some projects the header file gets larger or depending on where the navigation is placed it is better to have the navigation separate. This mitigates the unnecessary edits to other parts of the web page.

So a simple index file would look like:


<!-- Where the body text will go -->
<p>Hello, World!</p>


I enjoy writing and learning more about web programming. When I started I tried ASP and PHP, and PHP was much easier to start with and read. A lot of people ask, what is the best way to learn? My response, read a lot try to understand and start small.

As you read and see how others program you learn good habits and can correct the bad ones you may see. The more you read and start to write, the better you become. There are many resources that I have used in the past between books and many websites. GitHub has been another good source to find new applications and see how and what other people have done.

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