WP Helper Master

Removes and speeds up WordPress. Admin, security, performance, and WordPress clean up.

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About WP Helper Master

A wordpress plugin that disables, enables, and enhances WP and other settings

WP Clean Up
Cleans up the WP head and unneeded items in the HEAD

Gives you the option to GZIP adding compression and a few other options to speed up other functions

Hides error messages from login, helps control minor XSS attacks, and removes the lost password link if wanted

Admin Modifications
Change the Howdy greeting to your preference. See all WP variables as well.

Download WP Helper Master

You can download WP Helper Master for free from GitHub or WP Plugins.

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Contact WP Helper Master

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our plugin, give us suggestions for new plugins or projects, or to just say hello!