Viewing Wifi Passwords

Did you forget your WiFi passwords and wish you could retrieve them? Or know what wireless networks you’ve connected to? With PowerShell we can do that pretty easily.

This will show the current WiFi connection and then show the list...

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Electron is an easy to use API that allows you to create a desktop app using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The best part of these apps are they are created on one platform and can be exported to all...

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Copyright Code in Jekyll

In a previous post I talked about how to create your copyright date in PHP. Some time ago, I found a way to do the same thing in Jekyll.

The great thing about this is it will auto-generate the...

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This is a short post on how I am trying CloudCannon to manage posts on my website. So far it seems to be working quite well.

I can add some editable regions to my permanent pages so I can...

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