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Creating Status Pages on the Fly

29 Sep, 2023

Monitoring uptime and status pages on with Kuma


Scheduling Automatic Builds with Static Site Generators

28 Sep, 2023

Having a static site is great, but there could be times where you need to build your site on a schedule.


Boto3 cross regions for AWS Lambda Functions

26 Sep, 2023

Using Python and boto3 for AWS management across regions


Building a Blogroll with 11ty

24 Sep, 2023

How I created a blogroll with 11ty based off of Ben Myers solution


Adding some flare to RSS

22 Sep, 2023

RSS is still a great way to subscribe to content, so why not add some style to it?


List Throttling with Python

19 Sep, 2023

How to break up and chunk a large list in Python and process it


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